Our Umbrellas

Palm Tree Umbrella

Palm Tree Umbrella (5 years guarantee )

This umbrella combines aesthetics and strength is the new revelation of Tunisie Parasol

Quadruple off-centered umbrella

Quadruple off-centered umbrella (5 years guarantee)

It is possible to cover a 100 m 2 area with only 3 umbrellas.This model covers up to 108 m2 surface.

Double off-centered umbrella

Double off-centered umbrella [l'aigle royal] (5 years guarantee)

his model does not take much space and is particularly adapted for restaurants and hotels, where each imporatnt space must be covered with a minimum congestion.

Store Umbrella

Store Umbrella (5 years warranty)

Double slope awning parasol is the perfect solution for large terrace or garden areas with coverage up to 36 m2. The structure of aluminum blinds combines aesthetics with robustness with a simple and refined design

Off-centered umbrella

Off-centered umbrella [ la Mediterranéenne ] (5 years guarantee)

This umbrella does not take much space. It does not obstruct the table arrangement nor block the way.

Squared umbrella

Squared umbrella [La Carthaginoise] (5 years guarantee)

The combination of the classic form and aluminium gives a whole new shape to this elegant umbrella which was primarily designed to be robust.