Double off-centered umbrella

Double off-centered umbrella [l'aigle royal]: (5 years guarantee)

This model does not take much space and is particularly adapted for restaurants and hotels, where each imporatnt space must be covered with a minimum congestion. It allows an easy positioning of the umbrella above the tables and at the same time leaves a maximum vacant space. This ingenious deployement system brings about exclusive solutions for professionals in the quest for compact, functional and aesthetic umbrellas. This umbrella is equipped with a pulley system and a crank allowing an easy opening.

Specifications :

  • Dimension : 6.00 m/2.80m
  • Coverage : more than 16 m² surface
  • Frame arm : 8 * 2
  • Fabric : 100% acrylic, high resistance to U.V. and decolorization.(4 years guarantee).
  • Opening system : Crank winch and stainless steel cable
  • Fixation : on the ground or pedestal
  • ( Optional stainless steel material )